straight gear rack

Gear Rack selling points.

1.large module large size,Single rack maximum. processing size is up to 10000 mm.
2. high-precision,Assembling gearrack.



The rack is a special gear with teeth distributed on the strip body. The racks are also divided into straight racks and helical racks, which are paired with spur gears and helical gears, respectively; the tooth profile of racks is straight rather than involute (it is flat for tooth surfaces) The equivalent of the circle radius of the indexing cylinder is infinite.

Our company would supply large size gear rack, mining rack,reduction box gear rack Non-standard rack, Marine rack, Helical rack, Round rack, Port machine rack, Heavy Duty Rack, Curved rack, Construction lift rack and Ny.

gear rackgear rack

Gear racks are mainly used in Engineering transport machinery, ports, mines transport , automatic loading and unloading truss robots, stacking robots, material handling devices, lifts. etc.

Gear rack is forged by a large-scale pneumatic hammer, the internal structure is dense, Flaw detection for internal cracks.

6m CNC gantry milling machine would be leaved 3-5mm allowance according to different materials.

Heat treatment to increase the hardness and strength of the workpiece.